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​From concept to final form...

Concept Stage

Dandelion seed is a symbol of life. Its flying and hovering own nature shows fragility and simpleness in life's propagation.


Prototype Stage

Early Dandelion prototypes have been developed to solve three main issues:

> Form

> Balance and Hovering methods

> Electronics and electromechanics



Dandelion automatic sound generation is controlled by a generative algorithm developed in MAX/MSP software. 
Its logic is inspired on bacterial exponential growth. 


Final sound sculpture development

The final object has been developed with the collaboration of Hugo Dominguez.

Main issues to solve were:

> Central Joint

> Mechanical Transmission

> Lever Issues


Dandelion Assembling

Assembling at Espacio Fundación Telefónica.


Expostition at Espacio Fundacion Telefónica (2013)


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