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    "Time is the clue to contemplate life. Time is dessert over which sounds and silences can be printed.”

     If time contains the sound and sound contains the time, then it would be possible to observe living through sounds, resonate in sympathy with the temporality of another living being. Sound language would then transform into a prism through which the temporalities of a man and a plant can be found.
    Bio-installation BIOSONORA is an autonomous system formed by a plant, sensors, computer, sound and light.

    The system, located in a room, has developed to create a space which the environment is totally controlled by the vital activity of a plant. The visitor will consider the plant as the epicenter of the installation and also its “voice”, its livingness.

    The static vegetal nature is the chosen path. For its opposition to human dynamism, for its apparent blankness. Will then visitor be a vital part of this resonance? Maybe man will understand or better yet, experiment, that time is not one, but many, many as living or not living beings being capable to perceive and express it.

    It becomes BIOSONORA. Through technology, technology that this time, did not attempt interfere, but to listen and observe.

    Bio-art is at present characterized by its interventionism. The man recognizes himself as dominator of nature through the projection of its power. Twisting it, adapting it to his own purposes. This process often leads him to forget natures own delicacy, expiration and value.
  Life becomes then an ordinary concept. Human, vegetal, or microbial machines not differ from each other, or from living things and the inanimate.
    BIOSONORA also aims to to highlight this issue by creating an Omphalos that contains the living being itself. Invites the spectator to mystery, solve the primal equation, that still remains as unknown as the equation that lies, at our inner dephts, within each of us.

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