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     Astro.Log.IO architectures the concept of the music of the spheres by creating an immersive experience of an astrological natal-chart. Each astro.log.naut provides their birth data that triggers an expanded perception of themselves by being exposed to a spatial sound recreation of the spheres in their singular birthday’s sky.

     In an open collaboration between artists, sound artists, coders and astrologers. Lead by visual artist Martin Bonadeo, Oliverio Duhalde developed a spatialized sound design revisiting the concept of "the music of the spheres" now developed in MAX/MSP. Patricio Gonzalez Vivo artist/programmer of symbolic systems collaborated in the implementation of the web based sky chart that transmits astrological information to the MAX/MSP system coded by Oliverio Duhalde. The MAX patch translates all the information into 10 sound objets that are processed and spatialised by "ambisonic" techniques and then adapted to quad, 5.1, 8.2 or binaural systems to create an extremely accurate soundscape that adds extraordinary sensorial expression to the graphic astral charts that are projected simultaneously.  The sonic nature of the sound objects and astrological sign's backgrounds has been developed with the aid of renamed Alejandra Eusebi who is the director of Centro Astrológico de Buenos Aires. The first fully functional stage of project will be exposed in April 2024 in "Now Play This". London – A Festival of Experimental Game Design curated by Lujan Oulton. At the present, the project is aiming to reach a full inmersive 360  audiovisual experience in 2026.
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